29th September 2023

In a significant stride towards internationalising VET systems in the Western Balkans, the INTERVET WB project has marked a crucial milestone. The initiative, which started in January 2020 and wrapped up in October 2023, brought together 14 organisations from 14 countries, including all six Western Balkan nations. Together, they planted the seeds for a strong culture of learning and collaboration in these growing regions.

The project emerged from a collective recognition that to make mobility a reality in these countries, fostering a culture of learning mobility was indispensable. Central to this effort was the imperative to inform VET educators and administrators about learning mobility, while enhancing their capacities in planning and managing mobility projects.

Throughout the project, an impressive 426 students and 165 staff from the Western Balkans got the chance to experience learning and working in new environments. At the same time, the groundwork was laid for a system that will keep offering these opportunities in the future.

Highlights from the Final Publication:

  • Quick Overview and Introduction (Chapters 2 & 3): A short look at what the project was all about and an introduction to the organizations that joined hands to make it happen.
  • What We Did and What We Achieved (Chapters 4 & 5): A detailed breakdown of the activities we did and the good things that came out of it, showing how it made a difference in VET.
  • How We Worked and What Changed (Chapters 6 & 7): Insights into the strategies we used and a close look at the project’s big impact, with lessons for the future.
  • Conclusions and recommendations (Chapter 8): The important things we learned and the suggestions we have for the European Commission and VET teachers who want to keep working together with Western Balkan countries.
  • Best practices and success stories (Chapter 9): Exciting stories that show the best parts of the project, from what participants experienced to how we’re making sure this good work keeps going.

Intervet WB final publication-ENG
Intervet WB final publication-MAK
Intervet WB final publication-ALB
Intervet WB final publication-SR
Intervet WB final publication-BOS
Intervet WB final publication-MNE

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