13th April 2022

Thanks to the INTERVET Western Balkans project, VET school students from different cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina stayed in Milan, Italy in the period of January and February of this year.

During their one-month stay, they had the opportunity to do internships in various sectors and, as they say, they were treated with outstanding courtesy and were welcomed in all of the companies where they worked. Students had to spend mandatory time in quarantine after entering Italy due to extremely severe pandemic precautions, but following re-testing, they immediately adjusted to their new surroundings and for many of them their first work experiences, and they fully enjoyed their mobility. While they were taking online English classes, the time spent in quarantine was nevertheless entertaining, and it had no negative impact on their overall positive impressions of mobility in Milan.

In addition to the internships and making new friends, the group had the opportunity to visit notable locations in Milan and learn about the natural beauty and rich cultural heritage regions of Lombardy, in addition to practicing and making new acquaintances.

This mobility was an important and unforgettable experience for Ajda, Emir, Belmina, Armin, Kenan, Sedad, Hena, and their group leader prof. Ajna Grbic, and they shared their experiences and impressions with their colleagues and classmates in their schools.

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